बोल उसने दिए.. ताल उसने दिए, है ग़ज़ल जिंदगी इसमे लय दीजिए ……
Together we stand in solidarity for the protection of our rights, our safety, our health, and our families — recognizing that our vibrant and diverse communities are the strength of our country.
Sanskriti Rai
SAMARAMBHA is not only an organization but it's a dream project for those who are always ready to work for the women empowerment. I welcome this initiative of dear friend Richa Rai ji to begin this project. Aim of SAMARAMBHA is to uplift the women economically, socially and politically. Richa Ji has been doing social service for many years. SAMARAMBHA will work for girls education, child marriage,health and hygiene, gender equality, corona care etc. I am privilidged to be a part of this wonderful team. Richa ji has been doing laudatory work as a social worker for many years, I have got the privilege of working with her in SAMARAMBHA and it is a matter of pride for me.I send infinite greetings to Richa ji and I wish God that his resolve to be fully successful Richa ji is a very influential woman.
Suman Sharma
DC Mathura Samarambha Foundation
Being a part of such an organisation which is working selflessly and giving an example of humanity gives me a proud feeling that i am working for the development of my society and this inner satisfaction is my only reason to work with SAMARAMBHA
Sangeeta Agrawal
Social Activist, Etawah
I am working as Social work for 3 years. With Samarambha I want to help needy women and children. I highly appreciate the job of Samarambha Foundation.It is doing very well, and I am proud to be the part of it.
Poonam Agrawal
Social Activist, Etawah
Reema Rai
Social Activist, Mumbai
Social Activist, Germany
Sunidhi Rai
Social Activist , Ballia